Child Welfare

Child Welfare

The majority of managers at our club have attend basic first aid courses to treat most football related injuries. 
The well being and care of all our players is of paramount importance. All our managers and their assistants
know their responsibilities as far as players safety is concerned. All teams carry a full first aid kit appropriate
to football related injuries.

It is important to know that legislation prohibits club officials from dispensing tablets.

Child Protection

All our managers  are CRC checked as per FA guidelines
Havant & Waterlooville Football Club are particularly aware of the role we perform in the local community. 
Our responsibility is not just to provide the opportunity to play football, but to do so in a safe environment.

All club managers have undergone instruction on Child Protection.

The FA have been informed that at some point in 2014 it will become illegal to work in Regulated Activity without having the appropriate DBS enhanced FA CRC with the Children’s Barred list. HFA will not affiliate a team where a Coach is not compliant when the registration process takes place next season. (May 2014)


The Football Association requires Criminal Records Checks (CRC) of people over 16 who carry out supervision of Children in Football (Regulated Activity) in an unsupervised capacity as part of Responsible recruitment in Football (Getting the Right People involved). The Law through the Protection of Freedom Act 2012 has meant changes to the process. The Law describes Regulated Activity and who requires a check. It also allows the FA to see Criminal Histories as well as being fair to ex offenders. It does however prohibit barred persons from working with Children.

Definition of Regulated Activity;

Activity which involves Teaching, Training, Instructing, Caring for or Supervising children OR providing guidance\advice on well being OR driving a vehicle only for Children AND it happens frequently (once a week or more often) OR happens intensively (on 4 or more days in a 30 day period or overnight) AND the individual carrying out the activity of Teaching, Training OR Instructing is Unsupervised.

Our Club CWO is:


Player info: THE ROLE OF THE CWO

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